Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy

As a DONA certified birth doula, I am happy to provide doula support to families in the greater Denver and Boulder areas and nearby communities. Thank you so much for considering me to be your doula! It’s a privilege to be present for such a special and singular moment in a family’s life.



What is a doula?

A labor doula is a non-medical childbirth assistant who provides continuous emotional, physical and educational support for the laboring mother. The doula does not replace the partner, doctor, nurse, or midwife, but works together with them to ensure a positive birth experience. A doula helps expectant parents make decisions by providing information and support, but does not make decisions for them.

My Birth Philosophy

I believe that birth is a natural function of a woman’s body and that every woman already has the skills and knowledge she needs to give birth in her own unique way. Birth works, if we let it! As a doula, I am present to help expecting parents create the birth that they envision for themselves and to experience birth fully and actively.

Cuppa & Kiddos!

A new event in 2017! I’m hosting a fun, friendly playdate at my home –

Friday, January 13th 10am – 12pm.

Come enjoy a safe space to meet other parents, share stories, get support and re-energize yourself! Hoping to make this a regular event! Please contact me for details and registration!


Childbirth Education

In addition to providing doula services, I am a CAPPA trained childbirth educator.  I teach families planning home, hospital and birth center births.  Contact me to learn more about private and group class option.  You can also learn more about my education practice at my website: