My Services

My doula services include two prenatal visits, attendance at the birth, and one post-natal visit.

Pre-Natal Visits
Usually, I meet with my clients at least twice prenatally, in addition to an initial interview. In addition to addressing your needs, my goals for all my prenatal interactions with you are to deepen our familiarity with each other and to make sure I have a comprehensive understanding of your wishes. Ideally, I prefer to meet with you around 28 and 37 weeks into your pregnancy. Our first meeting is for us to cover any questions or topics you feel I can help you with and to prepare you for what to expect as your 3rd trimester progresses. During our second appointment, we can discuss your vision for your birth experience, develop a birth wish list, and help you get prepared for the last weeks of your pregnancy. All the nuances of how you want your birth to be and what involvement everyone should have will be discussed in detail at this meeting. I prefer to schedule the 3rd trimester visit for a time after parents have completed their childbirth classes. This allows people time to envision birth and develop any wishes for how to handle labor and birth. You do not have to have a birth plan before our meeting, but having a rough idea is helpful.

Birth Attendance
After the 3rd trimester visit, I am on-call for your birth. I can come as early in your labor as you like, and I can help you labor at home or meet you at the hospital or birth center if that is where you are having your baby. My job is to provide continuous support throughout the birth process. After the birth, I will stay with Mom as long as needed to help get breastfeeding started, to take care of any other needs that may have arisen during the birth, and to generally help everyone settle in for some falling-in-love time with the new little one. Some people really benefit from this service, but others don’t really need it and would just prefer to be left alone to bond. Sometimes couples just have the doula ‘stand guard’ outside the room for an hour or so to make sure they can be left undisturbed while they soak in their baby. Any of these variations is completely fine and up to you.

The final benefit included in my doula services is at least one post-partum visit. This usually happens within the first week after the birth and is just to make sure the “babymoon” is going smoothly, to help with breastfeeding if necessary, and to take care of Mom and Dad emotionally. Even when everything goes beautifully, many couples like to have a sounding board to review the birth experience in order to fully process the journey they have been through! If needed, I can return for additional postpartum visits.

Limitations To My Doula Services
DONA International Standards and Certification apply to emotional and physical support only. The DONA International certified doula does not perform clinical or medical tasks such as taking blood pressure or temperature, fetal heart tone checks, vaginal examinations, or postpartum clinical care.

My Fees

It is my belief that financial limitations should never preclude a mom from having a doula. Please contact me for additional information on my fees and how we can arrive at a compensation arrangement that works for both of us.

Did you know?
Doula fees are reimbursable by health care FSA’s.
Do you have a baby registry?  Ask friends and family to contribute to doula services as a registry item.

Client Testimonials

“During my 2nd trimester, I really started to consider a natural childbirth.  This is when I began my search on what to expect, what to do & everything involved with a non medicated natural childbirth.  Ann came to our house to meet my husband and I, and go over what her role is as a Doula.  We were confident that we could go through this  exactly as planned, and with Ann by our side that was accomplished.  There wasn’t one question that went unanswered, she had complete knowledge of her role as a Doula.  Ann has a very warm & inviting spirt, she made us very comfortable, not to mention she is a kid magnet, our daughter hopped right into her lap when she walked in the door.  Ann has a motherly nature about her; and in our eyes, to be a Doula, “our” Doula, she should have that nature.  We wrote our own birth plan which was a liberating feeling to know that as a pregnant & laboring woman, you really do have a say so in how you would like the birth of your child to happen.  We were lucky and fortunate that all expectations were met & followed.  When we arrived at the hospital, Ann began her amazing role!  She did some counterpressure on my back & she also did some aromatherapy.  Most importantly, she maintained a very calm and relaxed state with me, which kept me very focused and on track from the moment we arrived & through transition. The thought of having one more child is a possibility, and when that day comes, there will be no hesitation that Ann will be by our side.

I HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone considering a Doula.  She is a wonderful woman, amazing mother, and an incredible Doula.

As some say in life your husband, partner is your rock, during this experience I had two rocks, Ann being the second one, I am so grateful to have had her as our rock, our doula :)”

Jenn Ristau

“I am a planner and just like most things in life I did a lot of research about childbirth starting early in pregnancy. After doing a lot of reading I decided that natural childbirth was the right path for myself and our baby. However, I was nervous that I wouldn’t get the experience I wanted at a hospital with my OB/GYN so I decided to hire a doula and was referred to Ann. Ann was very helpful even before we got to the delivery room. She helped me work through a lot of the apprehension I felt about going to the hospital so that when the day arrived I wasn’t the nervous wreck I might have been. In the delivery room she helped remind me of my birth plan, which the doctor wanted to throw right out the window. Without Ann, my experience probably would have been completely different. She also assisted with counterpressure and suggesting different positions (and convincing me to move into those positions) and helped with things like a warm wash cloth for my head and encouraging me to keep hydrated. After our little one arrived, Ann stayed with me while my husband went with the baby. I would have been completely alone if it weren’t for Ann, and I really appreciate that she was there for me. After birth, Ann made a couple of visits to check on us. When we were faced with having to supplement due to baby losing too much wait, she was prepared with phone numbers for breastfeeding resources. Breastfeeding has been a success thanks to having access to those resources. I would definitely recommend Ann to anyone preparing for childbirth.”

Larissa Loomis